Is Coaching Necessary?

This is almost a rhetorical question. Is coaching necessary?

Well technically no…BUT if you look at all of the high achieving athletes,
they definitely have 2 things in common. A trainer and a coach.

The coach’s job is to take you beyond the limits you have set in your mind, and hold you accountable to the goals necessary for success. Certainly you can do it on your own if you are totally focused and dedicated, however it is highly unlikely that you would ascend several levels all on your own.

Not saying it’s not possible, just not probable.

So, if you want to shave time from your growth and development process. I would highly suggest having a coach to push you along. They see the gifts in you that you may not see in yourself. Your coach will see Greatness in you, and demand it from you. They will take you from Average to Extraordinary. Don’t you desire in your heart of hearts to be extraordinary?

You know you do!

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